look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and everything you do
yeah they were all yellow

I came alone
I wrote a song for you
and all the thing you do
and it was called yellow

so then I took my turn
oh what a thing to have done
and it was all yellow
your skin
oh yeah your skin and bones

turn into something beauiful
and you know
you know l love you so
you know l love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
oh what a thing to do
cause you were all yellow
I drew a line
I drew a line for you
oh what a thing to do
and it was all yellow
※ ※ ※

Coldplay may well be the most profound British act to emerge out of the millennium thus far. No one is more surprised by their popularity than the band. Who knew such an austere and tactile musical existence would lead to such greatness? Yet it has.

How did these four college friends become the poster children for a nation's emotions? It may have happened at the speed of light, but it wasn't as easy as it seems.

Coldplay secured a permanent position in Britain's music elite by writing beautiful, simple songs that gently pulled at the heartstrings of a nation. Somewhere in between the confident, vulnerable guitar playing of Jonny Buckland, the melodic bassline of Guy Berryman, thoughtful drumming of Will Champion, and lead Chris Martin's stark, tenor vocals are answers for the soul. Although melancholy stands behind every Coldplay song, each one is also steeped in an unusual and sincere optimism rarely found in English bands.

The name COLDPLAY was nicked off their friend Tim before he could use it for his band. He'd originally taken it from a book of poetry. In fact, they used to be a boy band called "Pectoralz," and played their first gig under the guise of "Starfish" at Camden Laurel Tree.

Chris' old school mate Phil Harvey became their manager, and financed Coldplay's first recording and release of the Safety EP on a 500-copies limited CD.

Safety got Coldplay a gig in a cuban caf?as part of the Unsigned Bands' Festival In the City in Manchester. In the audience was a talent scout who tipped off Dan Keeling of Parlophone records to keep an eye on them. Another gig at the Falcon in Camden was written up by NME journalist Simon Williams who wrote a glowing review and offered them the chance to record the single Brothers and Sisters for his Fierce Panda label.

In May of 1999, Coldplay signed with Parlophone Records, and on June 8th, Coldplay signed to BMG Publishing. By October, their first Parlophone release, The Blue Room E.P, 5000 limited edition CD/12" with video was released. Lead track Bigger Stronger started picking up plays on Radio One, as Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley pronounced themselves Coldplay fans. In October Coldplay also embarked on their first national tour, co-headlining with Bellatrix.

At the end of 1999, Coldplay found themselves being touted by the music press as a band to watch in 2000. NME particulary displayed their faith in them by putting them on the bill for the January NME Premiere tour. Shortly thereafter, Coldplay began recording their debut album for summer release.

When the band went into the studio with co-producer and engineer Ken Nelson to record Parachutes, they agreed that nothing would go on the album that they all four didn't agreed on. This led to a fierce and gut wrenching recording session that the guys thought might be their last. Songs ended up veering from fragile to forceful, from understated to epic, all-the-while carried by Chris' gorgeous vocal range and endearingly bashful lyrics. On a bittersweet morning in May, the album was finished.

That Summer, Yellow hit no.4 in the singles charts. In July, Parachutes goes in at no.1 in the UK album charts. The soaring yet depressing single Shiver is a masterpiece of swelling emotion, and makes the charts as well.

Parachutes has sold almost 5 million copies world-wide, and, in addition to the two Brits they won last year, Coldplay recently picked up a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album.

"Success is a journey, not a destination. May their journey be a long one, and may we be along for
the ride..."